Finding an effective brand in this industry can be very costly and frustrating. We have vetted out the best of the best that this industry has to offer by experiencing them firsthand as well as collecting reviews/feedback from other patients. We will include both hemp and marijuana brands to help make the right decision to not only save money, but also provide the brands that will help with all your cannabis needs.

Not wanting the psychotropic (high) effects of Marijuana? No problem, we got you covered!

With more and more patients entering the cannabis industry, not everyone wants to be “high”. Within the cannabis plant is an amazing compound Cannabidiol (CBD) that attributes to many of the health and wellness benefits that cannabis offers. Cannabis Hemp brands formulate products using the cannabis plant that has the THC level as .3% or lower to provide a product that will help with your wellness journey without getting you “high”. With so many different brands and products out on the market, we have pinpointed the best and included them on our list based off effectiveness, business longevity and other patient’s reviews/testimonials.

Need products to help with your ailment/condition as well as taking the edge off? Look no further!

Whether you’re a new cannabis user or if you’re an avid cannabis user, finding the right product can be a tough one. The marijuana side of cannabis use has so many ways to intake the compounds with each one delivering a different onset effect. There are edibles, concentrates/vapes, flower and more on the medicinal side there are tinctures and topicals. However you prefer to intake marijuana cannabis, we have listed the best brands for you to choose in order to make your medicine time, your best time.

What are the qualifications to make it on our lists?

With so many brands to choose from both hemp and marijuana, we focused our efforts on some of the big names that are out on the market that have been in the industry for 5+ years. That alone had shrunk the pool of viable brands for us to test allowing us to then focus on the other aspects we look for. We take pride in our ability to test these brands over the years to confidently provide you the best brands and their products to fully enjoy everything this amazing plant has to offer!

As a new user of cannabis, it has been overwhelming to see so many different brands on the market, many of which have similar products, but their effectiveness varies. I don’t even like to think about how much money I’ve spent trying to find a product that works and stays working for me.

-Jill Wilcox, San Diego California

As an avid cannabis user for over 10 years, it took me a while in order to find a product that provided me the relief I needed. With new companies coming in every few months and brands I’ve used before no longer being available, I would have to start the process all over again and wasted so much money on bad products.

-Denziel Ellis, Denver, Colorado.

Have a brand recommendation to add on our list, contact us by clicking below and we will try them out and list them if they pass our requirements.