Not all concentrates are the same, we provide patients with the best brands to choose from so you are not disappointed!

Although this brand only offers a couple of strains, I absolutely love this brand and both strains that they make offer amazing physical and mental effects that I don’t get from other brands. They are the only brand that I know of that offer .5g and 1g options for an amazing low price. I highly recommend this brand to all my friends and every dispensary should carry them!

-Juliana Ramirez

Not only does this brand offer great flower, but their concentrates are also awesome! Each one of their concentrates are high quality and have a great taste! I highly recommend their Applesauce Apple Fritter!

-Brandon McMann

Awesome packaging and great concentrates! With so many great strains to choose from, the only hard part is choosing which one to smoke first!

-Chris Ferguson

This brands concentrates have to be my favorite of all time! They have been in the industry for a while and have never failed to get me to the right state of mind that I need to be!

-Ryan Chatmon