Best Cannabis Hemp Brands

CBD Wellness

With 12 years in the cannabis industry, this company has truly stuck to their name helping patients reach their ultimate wellness with their CBD infused products. Whether its applying their amazing topicals, their fantastic tinctures or vapes/hemp flower for a faster onset effects, their award winning reputation is truly earned. Offering over 50 products that suit the needs for the vast majority, they have something for everyone that can help with your health & wellness journey.

Head Baked

Remember those childhood sweets that you begged your parents to buy? Well now they have been infused with CBD to not only be a delicious treat, but also providing some health and wellness benefits! The industry is filled with all kinds of brands creating candy infused products, but the formulation of this company’s products truly is like no other CBD gummy. They are soft and chewy, properly infused to receive the same effects with each bag and their delicious taste will bring back those childhood memories.


The doctors are in and they are prescribing CBD! Providing you higher mgs at an affordable cost, CBD Dr has created an effective product line that will help you reach your health and wellness goals. Their menu may be limited, but the results prove themselves to be a top brand in this industry making it on our list!

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