Best Cannabis Marijuana Brands

THC Wellness

Established in 2014, this company has countless patient testimonials to have truly helped their health issues with their effective line of products. Offering an extensive product line which include, topicals, tinctures, vapes, RSO and capsules, they have a product suited for all needs. A brand with such a long and great reputation, its no wonder they have become a patient favorite.

Alien Cannabis

Although fairly new to the industry, this brand has made its way onto the favorite list of patients. Offering affordable concentrates using high quality flower, their products have a clean taste and provide amazing effects.

DR Zodiak’s Moonrock Clear

Taking flower smoking to the next level, this brand has infused their prerolls with cannabis extract (sauce) to elevate your high. Looking for flavorful vapes? They also create a (7) delicious flavored vapes that have patients wanting more.


Flower, concentrates and vapes, what more could you want! Whether you prefer to smoke the the old fashion way with flower or prefer the conveniency and hard hitting effects of vapes and concentrates, this brand won’t disappoint.


Not sure what type of concentrate is your favorite? This brand offers a variety of concentrates and extracts providing various ways for MMJ patients to medicate. Using high quality flower for extraction, each type of concentrate will provide you the desired effects,

Baked Bros

Whether you eat edibles to uplift your mood, aid you with sleep or just want to get high, this brand offers delicious treats to make you feel that way. Choose from their gummies or their syrups depending on what you want and whatever you choose, it’ll be a great experience